Exclusive themed papercut templates  every month.

Get themed printed templates (and the digital files to use over and over) a cut and assemble house, backing papers and related themed gifts. Delivered monthly.

Papercut templates

At least three themed templates in every box, exclusive to EmbellishBox for one month.

Collectible houses

Build up your collection by building yours each month. Stay subscribed to get them all!


Related to the theme, find some fun gifts from independent and interesting retailers. 

Over & over

Download your templates and print them again and again. Commercial licence available. 

What is an EmbellishBox? 

If you love papercutting then an EmbellishBox is perfect for you. Each themed box gives you:

- printed templates

- backing papers

- a self-assembly house to collect 

- other items exclusive to Embellish or sourced from independent suppliers. 

It's a collection of beautiful things, and the only way to be the first to have the new months templates (which will also be emailed to you so you can print them out as many times as you want)

It's also a great way to save money AND treat yourself as the cost of the whole box will always be less than the cost of the templates combined.

£18 month to month. Free shipping in the UK. Cancel anytime (but you won't want to!)

What's inside?

Each month has a new theme, templates and gifts

The templates are exclusive to subscribers for one month

Specially created or sourced gifts are related to the theme.

How it works

Each month your themed EmbellishBox will arrive in the post. It will always be different, but will always include at least three templates, your papercut house and some relevant themed gifts.

There will never be a repeat box.

During the month, the templates in the box will be exclusive to EmbellishBox members. At the end of the month the templates will go up for sale in the shop - the cost of the box, including all of the extra items, will ALWAYS be less than the cost of the templates individually. This will be detailed on your contents card.You will also be emailed the PDF templates for that months box so that you can print them out as often as you want on whatever paper you like.

"Yay, I love your boxes, you put so much thought into them and they are excellent value." 

Kathy Harrison

"The templates that Amy creates are beautiful and every box feels like a gift, right down to how it's packaged. I love all the little extras and look forward to its arrival each month :)"